GISS: Global Independent Streaming Support

In response to a request for information about projects with radio and ICTs, Yves Degoyan sent the information below about the Global Independent Streaming Support (GISS) project. GISS provides infrastructure and for independent multimedia (including 10 or 15 radio stations, although at least some of these are internet-only radio).

there is an experience of free media/alternative media going on with open source tools (format ogg/theora ( video ), ogg/vorbis ( audio )) that exists since 2004 and now hosts 50
community radios like :

radio numero critico :
radio aktiva :
and much more …

and has also hosted alternative tv initiatives Horitzo TV : and some video streams for special events ( Social Forums, Free Software Events, … )

you should be able to receive it on a mobile device if you have the video lan client installed
( ), it exists for some PDA running an embedded Linux like Zaurus.. also many telephones have now an ogg player and can receive audio streams, thus radios.

this project is called G.I.S.S. : Global Independent Streaming Support,
and lets you see a map of current activity of the network with a geographical map :

there is also a text about the motivations behind GISS : ( sorry if i quote myself )

if you want to refer to these experiences, you can always contact us on-line on IRC channel :
server :
channel : #giss


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