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Podcasts to broadcasts

The ICT for development community of the Development Gateway has collected a number of links to podcasts in a feature about “Podcast Libraries“. There is a mention of the SIRU (Sistema de información rural urbana) podcast experiment in Cajamarca, a largely rural province in northern Peru. The BBC programme Go Digital recently did an optimistic story on this project a few years ago, but the project never went beyond the pilot stage. There are also links to the OneWorld Radio development news service and AGFAX Radio, a monthly package of programmes featuring interviews about agricultural issues.

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World Electronic Media Forum

WEMF logoI’ve been invited to speak in a session at the upcoming World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-11 December ’07). The session title is Role of ‘own-time media’/’any place media’ in the service of development and the topic is described as:

A rapidly growing number of people in the OECD countries listen to radio content of their choice through podcasts on their iPods or other MP3 players. This allows them to have access to high quality content in the area of their specific interest and at a time and place that doesn’t conflict with their work and obligations. What about the developing world? Is there a scope to use MP3 players beyond urban music consumption, particularly to make specific high quality content available to the poor and people in remote areas? What could be the role of public service broadcasters who have a competitive advantage in providing trusted high quality content? The panellists will discuss some encouraging first lessons and trends in a global and local context that is shaped by media convergence.

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Broadcast your podcast

from your podcast (BYP) is a micro transmitter that offers podcasters the chance to transmit their podcasts on FM. BYP units are handmade FM transmitters made following the circuit design of micro radio pioneer Tetsuo Kogawa. from connecting a BYP unit to your computer or mp3 player podcasts can be transmitted on FM to your neighbourhood. The BYP can broadcast 100 metres or more and uses a 9 volt battery. The Broadcast your Podcast website has step-by-step instructions for making your own BYP with materials readily available at an electronics store.

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Podcasting for development concept paper

Michael Roberts of Bellanet and Partha Pratim Sarkar of Bytes For All wrote a paper about the potential of podcasting for development in 2005. The authors note that podcasts are not only for listening to on MP3 players or computers, but can also be used as a way of networking programming to be broadcast on local and community radio stations.

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