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Brazil to opt for DRM?

By the end of this month (March 2010) Brazil is expected to announce what standard it is going to choose for terrestrial digital radio. Until recently all signs indicated that they were going to opt for Ibiquity’s HD Radio, the standard used in the United States, but it now appears that Digital Radio Mondiale, or DRM, is gaining favour. If Brazil chooses DRM it will be the first major country to do so in the region and the size of its market (population 190 million) will help convince manufacturers to design and building DRM receivers for the mass market.

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Internet radio for migrant workers

An article by María Teresa Aveggio & Teresia Mutuku explains how the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM) trained a group of migrants from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand in radio production and broadcasting techniques. The trainees, a group of 20 migrant workers, most of them women, are now able to produce, broadcast and upload podcasts onto the APMM website thus reaching more migrants. The programmes are also recorded and distributed on CD.

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World Electronic Media Forum – own time / any place media

PanelistsI got a CD in the mail yesterday with the final report from the World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF III) that was held in Kuala Lumpur last December. I was invited to speak in a session on Role of ‘own-time media’/’any place media’ in the service of development. The session was chaired by Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information and the panelists were: Lucy Hooberman, Innovation Executive, Research and Innovation, BBC Future Media and technology; Seema B. Nair, Project Leader UNESCO India; Bruce Girard, Expert in community radio and local media, Comunica; and Kristine Pearson, Chief Executive, Freeplay Foundation.

The session report and a few photos that were included on the CD are below, along with a link to the full WEMF III report.

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South Asia workshop: Online broadcasting

Panos South Asia is organising a 5-day South Asian regional ‘Online Radio Broadcasting Training Workshop’ for media and other communication practitioners in South Asia, from 17- 21 March 2008 at its Media Centre in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop aims to provide know-how on the potential the Internet offers to radio and point them to ways of incorporating it in their respective media outlets’ strategy.

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World Electronic Media Forum

WEMF logoI’ve been invited to speak in a session at the upcoming World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF – Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 10-11 December ’07). The session title is Role of ‘own-time media’/’any place media’ in the service of development and the topic is described as:

A rapidly growing number of people in the OECD countries listen to radio content of their choice through podcasts on their iPods or other MP3 players. This allows them to have access to high quality content in the area of their specific interest and at a time and place that doesn’t conflict with their work and obligations. What about the developing world? Is there a scope to use MP3 players beyond urban music consumption, particularly to make specific high quality content available to the poor and people in remote areas? What could be the role of public service broadcasters who have a competitive advantage in providing trusted high quality content? The panellists will discuss some encouraging first lessons and trends in a global and local context that is shaped by media convergence.

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