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Mobile community multimedia in a trash bin

mobile CMCUNESCO and Jamaica’s Container Project have launched a community multimedia centre (CMC) constructed in a wheeled garbage bin. The bin houses laptop computers, a radio transmitter, wireless internet and other peripherals. The bin will travel around Jamaica and be used to give creative multimedia workshops to inner-city, rural and otherwise marginalised communities.

The Container Project is an innovative, arts-driven engine for community empowerment through creativity. It is based in a bright yellow converted shipping container in the heart of Palmers Cross, a rural community noted for its poverty and associated social problems.

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Forging Innovations in Nepal

UNESCO’s New Delhi office has just published a booklet “Forging Innovations: Community Multimedia Centres in Nepal”. The publication includes a collection of case studies on the Community Multimedia Centres (CMC) in Nepal and is intended to showcase the interesting and diverse growth of this initiative in spite of conflict and the lack of community radio regulation in Nepal.

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Creating & Sustaining ICT Projects in Mozambique

Birgitte Jallov was the Chief Technical Adviser for the UNESCO/UNDP Media Development Project in Mozambique. In this chapter from The One to Watch she writes about the difficulties of establishing community radio, with or without ICTs, “in one of the poorest countries in the world at the very early stages of democratisation”.

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The Kothmale Model: Using radio to make the Internet visible

Ian Pringle and MJR David wrote about Kothmale Community Radio and “Radio Browsing” in their chapter in The One to Watch. According to the authors: “The elements that make Kothmale stand out in the field of ICT projects are the ‘marriage’ of internet with local community radio and the innovation in raising rural community awareness of ICTs that this convergence has allowed.”
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Community Multimedia Centres: Creating digital opportunities for all

Stella Hughes chapter in The One to Watch looks at UNESCO’s early experiences with Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs) in Kothmale, Sr Lanka and Timbuktu, Mali. Stella Hughes is former chief of UNESCO’s Media and Society Section and was responsible for launching and coordinating UNESCO’s Community Multimedia Centres programme.

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