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Radio and Mobiles in-a-box

mobiles in-a-boxTactical Tech is a group of people working to help NGOs and human rights advocates to make better use of technology in their work. One of the ways they do this is with their excellent NGO in-a-box project, a series of toolkits complete with software, information about on-line tools, tutorials, case studies and lots of ideas for how to make innovative use of practical technology within the technical and financial grasp of NGOs. The latest addition to the series, Mobiles in-a-box, is a candidate for inclusion in our ICT / local and community radio essential toolkit.
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Frontline SMS

I am convinced that Frontline SMS or something similar should be part of an essential toolkit for rural radio stations within the footprint of a mobile telephone signal.

Frontline SMS is a text messaging system “conceived, designed and written firmly with the needs of the non-profit sector in mind”. Basically it is an SMS management and broadcast system that runs on a computer connected to a mobile phone with a data cable. All you need to do is insert a SIM card and you broadcast SMS messages to your listeners and classify and process messages received from them.

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Reuters/Nokia Collaboration Has Potential for Citizen Journalists

MobileActive.org has written about a Reuters/Nokia collaboration to design and test a mobile phone equipped with a camera, video, a tripod, GPS, an external keyboard, an external microphone, a solar charger and software that turns it into a portable studio that a journalist can use to record, edit and transmit stories with audio, photos, video and text. This may be overkill for radio, but I don’t know of another phone that lets you record with a good quality external mic. According to a Reuters article on the toolkit, it required a special adapter plug made by Nokia.

A good mobile phone with multimedia capabilities is part of our ICT and community radio essential toolkit.

Read the story from MobileActive.org: Reuters/Nokia Collaboration Has Potential for Citizen Journalists

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