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Podcasting for the developing world

eTUKTUKAn article on the Science and Development Network (Pod-ready: Podcasting for the developing world) takes another look at podcasting and development, with a focus on the SIRU project by Practical Action (formerly ITDG) in Peru and the e-TukTuk that is part of Sri Lanka’s Kothmale Community radio project. Both of the projects are presented elsewhere on this blog.

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World Electronic Media Forum – own time / any place media

PanelistsI got a CD in the mail yesterday with the final report from the World Electronic Media Forum (WEMF III) that was held in Kuala Lumpur last December. I was invited to speak in a session on Role of ‘own-time media’/’any place media’ in the service of development. The session was chaired by Abdul Waheed Khan, UNESCO’s Assistant Director-General for Communication and Information and the panelists were: Lucy Hooberman, Innovation Executive, Research and Innovation, BBC Future Media and technology; Seema B. Nair, Project Leader UNESCO India; Bruce Girard, Expert in community radio and local media, Comunica; and Kristine Pearson, Chief Executive, Freeplay Foundation.

The session report and a few photos that were included on the CD are below, along with a link to the full WEMF III report.

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eTUKTUK – taking Kothmale a little further

eTUKTUKBen Grubb sent me an article he wrote about the eTUKTUK for an upcoming issue of the Telecentre Magazine, published by telecentre.org. I won’t steal anyone’s thunder by posting it here, but he also included some interesting links to online videos. A tuk-tuk is a motorised rickshaw or three-wheeled motorcycle, a popular form of transport in much of South and South East Asia. An eTUKTUK is (you guessed it) a tuktuk equipped with a computer and an internet connection, and Kothmale Community Radio‘s eTUKTUK which is not only a mobile telecentre but also a mobile radio station (with it’s own low-power transmitter) and a remote broadcasting unit that send a signal via its CDMA connection back to Kotmale’s main transmitter for rebroadcast throughout the region.

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The Kothmale Model: Using radio to make the Internet visible

Ian Pringle and MJR David wrote about Kothmale Community Radio and “Radio Browsing” in their chapter in The One to Watch. According to the authors: “The elements that make Kothmale stand out in the field of ICT projects are the ‘marriage’ of internet with local community radio and the innovation in raising rural community awareness of ICTs that this convergence has allowed.”
Download the chapter

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Community Multimedia Centres: Creating digital opportunities for all

Stella Hughes chapter in The One to Watch looks at UNESCO’s early experiences with Community Multimedia Centres (CMCs) in Kothmale, Sr Lanka and Timbuktu, Mali. Stella Hughes is former chief of UNESCO’s Media and Society Section and was responsible for launching and coordinating UNESCO’s Community Multimedia Centres programme.

Download the chapter

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