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Social networking and radio

RadarCulturaThe BBC’s radio programme Digital Planet did a story recently about Radio Cultura, a not-for-profit station owned by a Catholic foundation in Brazil that uses a radio programme and a website to create multimedia social networks. Listeners to the programme, RadarCultura, can propose songs and discussion topics on the programme’s website and the ones that receive the most votes get played or discussed on the radio.

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Local News with SMS

The mobileactive.org website has an article about a project in Grahamstown, South Africa that will use SMS to enable citizen journalists to contribute to the local community newspaper.  Eighty high school journalists trained as citizen journalists will send their news and views via SMS messages. A selection of the messages will be printed in the newspaper while others will be redistributed via SMS to community members.

Guy Berger, the project coordinator and head of the School of Journalism and Media Studies at Rhodes University, admits that it will be difficult to fit the news into the 160 characters that an SMS message can have, but they are already thinking of how to overcome the problem.

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Next Generation Radio Reporters

multimedia tapeMark Glaser recently wrote about two National Public Radio (USA) training initiatives for aspiring “next generation radio” journalists in his MediaShift blog. The two training programmes are Next Generation Radio (NextGen) and Intern Edition. NextGen is based on intensive one week courses while Intern Edition involves a 10-week course. Both courses aim to bring radio journalists into the online world, encouraging them to use the internet, adding photos, video and blogs to radio’s traditional audio.

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Mobile community multimedia in a trash bin

mobile CMCUNESCO and Jamaica’s Container Project have launched a community multimedia centre (CMC) constructed in a wheeled garbage bin. The bin houses laptop computers, a radio transmitter, wireless internet and other peripherals. The bin will travel around Jamaica and be used to give creative multimedia workshops to inner-city, rural and otherwise marginalised communities.

The Container Project is an innovative, arts-driven engine for community empowerment through creativity. It is based in a bright yellow converted shipping container in the heart of Palmers Cross, a rural community noted for its poverty and associated social problems.

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Forging Innovations in Nepal

UNESCO’s New Delhi office has just published a booklet “Forging Innovations: Community Multimedia Centres in Nepal”. The publication includes a collection of case studies on the Community Multimedia Centres (CMC) in Nepal and is intended to showcase the interesting and diverse growth of this initiative in spite of conflict and the lack of community radio regulation in Nepal.

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