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Empowering radio: community radio in 5 countries

Across many countries and in different regions, community radio stations have been fostering community participation and creating an appetite for transparent and accountable governance, even in challenging regulatory environments. Empowering Radio: Good practices in development & operation of community radio is a report prepared for the World Bank Institute based on five national studies of community radio practices in five very different countries: Colombia, Mali, Nepal, Peru and South Africa.

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Podcasts to broadcasts

The ICT for development community of the Development Gateway has collected a number of links to podcasts in a feature about “Podcast Libraries“. There is a mention of the SIRU (Sistema de información rural urbana) podcast experiment in Cajamarca, a largely rural province in northern Peru. The BBC programme Go Digital recently did an optimistic story on this project a few years ago, but the project never went beyond the pilot stage. There are also links to the OneWorld Radio development news service and AGFAX Radio, a monthly package of programmes featuring interviews about agricultural issues.

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Radio Fala Mulher

Radio Fala Mulher (Women Speak) is a radio programme produced by CEMINA in Brazil since 1990. More recently the radio programme is also a website and the home of Cyberela, a project and network comprised of women and community leaders selected, trained and equipped to produce and exchange information with a gender perspective through community radio and the internet.

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InterWorld Radio: “The kind of thing that connects you to the world”

InterWorld Radio is a global network for radio stations and journalists. It features news and programmes about “world issues and local contexts”. This chapter by Francesca Silvani in The One to Watch looks at the early days of the network.

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The Agencia Informativa Púlsar

In 1996 the Púlsar news agency started up as a regional news service for local, independent and community radio stations in Latin America, providing an alternative to CNN and the major news agencies based in the USA or Europe. It was the world’s first internet-based radio news agency. Now run by AMARC, the agency provides text and audio news to hundreds of radio stations in Spanish and Portuguese. This chapter, by Bruce Girard, founder of Púlsar and editor of The One to Watch discusses the agency’s first years.

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