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Convergence for development

APC logoA paper by Carlos Rivadeneyra Convergencia para el desarrollo: Radiodifusión comunitaria como estrategia para la inclusión digital” (in English “Convergence for development: Community radio as a digital inclusion strategy) has been recently released by APC. The paper is available in Spanish only.

The distinction between “new” and “old” technology is no longer significant in the current state of technology convergence. People from community radios and telecentres are working together for more democratic and participatory access to communication, specifically in rural and poor urban areas. This paper by Carlos Rivadeneyra provides conceptual tools to re-think, from this perspective, what we understand by information society.

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Community radio & ICTs: Can the poor benefit?

In an article in the online publication Wajibu, Grace Githaiga, Executive Director of EcoNews Africa and Vice-President of AMARC, argues that “the Internet has a better chance to succeed as a tool for development and participation if it is linked to existing communication and information experiences.”

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Community radio, new technologies and policy: enough watching, it’s time for doing

by Bruce Girard

In Mali broadcasters search the internet to find answers to listeners’ questions, translate them to local languages, and encourage discussion and learning around issues of public interest. Without the internet Mali’s rural radio stations used a handful of old books and last week’s newspaper as main sources of information, but with access and training they are able to find information on the internet and help discover solutions to community problems. They are only able to do this because visionary policies and programmes enabled community radio and provided them with internet access and training.

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Take Five: A handful of essentials for ICTs in development

In his chapter in The One to Watch Alfonso Gumucio details five essential considerations for any communication for development and social change project – community ownership, local content, appropriate technology, language and culture, convergence and networking.

Download the chapter

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