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Radio and internet activism and the G8

The AMARC Japan Working Group, in cooperation with AMARC’s Asia Pacific and the association’s international secretariat is planning a Radio Forum in the city of Saporro where the G8 leaders will meet in July. The invitation to attend, reproduced below in English, French and Spanish, invites community radio journalists to bring their laptops, radio equipment and sleeping bags, so it looks like their planning some do do programming from the site. I’ll be watching for further announcements of their plans. If you have any information or ideas, feel free to post a reply or email me.

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Internet Radio on your telephone

More and more telephones come with built-in FM receivers but a new twist (at least for me) is Nokia’s Internet Radio Beta. It is software that you can install on certain Nokia phones in order to listen to streaming internet radio stations on your phone using whatever connection you have available. If you have a wifi connection at home or at a public access point, you can listen for free. If you don’t, you can also listen via GPRS or 3G.

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GISS: Global Independent Streaming Support

In response to a request for information about projects with radio and ICTs, Yves Degoyan sent the information below about the Global Independent Streaming Support (GISS) project. GISS provides infrastructure and software for independent multimedia (including 10 or 15 radio stations, although at least some of these are internet-only radio).
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SW Radio Africa uses SMS to bypass Zimbabwe censors

Zimbabwe flagIt’s not exactly a local station, but SW Radio Africa does use technology in the service of a community. Faced with one of the most repressive media environments in the world, Gerry Jackson founded SW Radio Africa located in the UK and broadcasting on shortwave and on the internet. The shortwave signal is jammed in urban areas (thanks to Chinese technology, accrding to Jackson), but gets through to rural zones. The station sends headlines to phones in Zimbabwe using SMS, and also streams it programming on the internet and produces podcasts.

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