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HD Radio’s “lacklustre” year

“HD radio, which has struggled to establish itself among emerging audio technologies, had another lackluster year.”

The first sentence of HD Radio chapter in “The State of the News Media“, an annual review prepared on the media in the USA by the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism says it all.

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Community media and SMS text messages

SMSAt first glance SMS text messages would seem like a natural for inclusion in a community radio station’s essential toolkit. SMS messages are inexpensive and easy-to-use and in recent years the mobile phones that are needed for sending and receiving them have become ubiquitous. However, a survey of recent projects indicates that use of SMS messages among community media in the developing world is still at an early stage. In most stations SMS use is informal. The few cases identified of community stations making more complex use of SMS messages have accompanied political crises or natural disasters and have inevitably been donor financed. There are few, if any, experiences of complex uses of SMS by community media without external funding and technical support, even though the financial and technical resources required are minimal.

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Next Generation Radio Reporters

multimedia tapeMark Glaser recently wrote about two National Public Radio (USA) training initiatives for aspiring “next generation radio” journalists in his MediaShift blog. The two training programmes are Next Generation Radio (NextGen) and Intern Edition. NextGen is based on intensive one week courses while Intern Edition involves a 10-week course. Both courses aim to bring radio journalists into the online world, encouraging them to use the internet, adding photos, video and blogs to radio’s traditional audio.

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