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Community media in a digital age

Community radio in a digital ageThe World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), in collaboration with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and UNESCO, recently published a book about community radio use of digital technologies.? Fighting Poverty: Utilizing Community Media in a Digital Age is based on a series of reflections raised during a roundtable on community radio and new technologies at the World Congress on Communication for Development (Rome, October 2006) and later further developed by workshop participants and others.

The ostensible subject of this publication is community media. The real focus of the text is on democratic and sustainable development. It reflects the main interest of those who support or are active in community radio, an interest that does not centre on technology, equipment, infrastructure or spectrum. Their interest focuses on participation.

The publication and additional audio and video material can be downloaded from AMARC’s website or you can order a print copy from here.

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Next Generation Radio Reporters

multimedia tapeMark Glaser recently wrote about two National Public Radio (USA) training initiatives for aspiring “next generation radio” journalists in his MediaShift blog. The two training programmes are Next Generation Radio (NextGen) and Intern Edition. NextGen is based on intensive one week courses while Intern Edition involves a 10-week course. Both courses aim to bring radio journalists into the online world, encouraging them to use the internet, adding photos, video and blogs to radio’s traditional audio.

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eTUKTUK – taking Kothmale a little further

eTUKTUKBen Grubb sent me an article he wrote about the eTUKTUK for an upcoming issue of the Telecentre Magazine, published by telecentre.org. I won’t steal anyone’s thunder by posting it here, but he also included some interesting links to online videos. A tuk-tuk is a motorised rickshaw or three-wheeled motorcycle, a popular form of transport in much of South and South East Asia. An eTUKTUK is (you guessed it) a tuktuk equipped with a computer and an internet connection, and Kothmale Community Radio‘s eTUKTUK which is not only a mobile telecentre but also a mobile radio station (with it’s own low-power transmitter) and a remote broadcasting unit that send a signal via its CDMA connection back to Kotmale’s main transmitter for rebroadcast throughout the region.

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GISS: Global Independent Streaming Support

In response to a request for information about projects with radio and ICTs, Yves Degoyan sent the information below about the Global Independent Streaming Support (GISS) project. GISS provides infrastructure and software for independent multimedia (including 10 or 15 radio stations, although at least some of these are internet-only radio).
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Reuters/Nokia Collaboration Has Potential for Citizen Journalists

MobileActive.org has written about a Reuters/Nokia collaboration to design and test a mobile phone equipped with a camera, video, a tripod, GPS, an external keyboard, an external microphone, a solar charger and software that turns it into a portable studio that a journalist can use to record, edit and transmit stories with audio, photos, video and text. This may be overkill for radio, but I don’t know of another phone that lets you record with a good quality external mic. According to a Reuters article on the toolkit, it required a special adapter plug made by Nokia.

A good mobile phone with multimedia capabilities is part of our ICT and community radio essential toolkit.

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