Podcasts for development

In Podcasts: a community knowledge sharing tool, an article published on SciDevNet, Lawrence D. Gudza describes a pilot project in Zimbabwe that uses podcasts to get development information to the people of Zimbabwe’s rural district of Mbire, home to small agricultural communities without electricity, land line telephones or mobile phone infrastructure.

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Radio, Convergence and Development in Africa

Carleton University’s (Ottawa, Canada) Centre for Media and Transitional Societies (CMTS) has launched a call for concept notes outlining proposed research examining the impact of convergence between traditional radio and new information and communications technologies (ICTs) in sub-Saharan Africa.  Shortlisted concept notes will be invited to submit full applications for small seed grants of CAD$7,500 or larger grants of up to CAD$100,000.  Concept notes and research can be in English or French. Details at http://www.cmts-cmst.org/ Deadline for concept notes: 8 January 2010.

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Internet radio for migrant workers

An article by María Teresa Aveggio & Teresia Mutuku explains how the Asia Pacific Mission for Migrants (APMM) trained a group of migrants from the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand in radio production and broadcasting techniques. The trainees, a group of 20 migrant workers, most of them women, are now able to produce, broadcast and upload podcasts onto the APMM website thus reaching more migrants. The programmes are also recorded and distributed on CD.

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When FM Radio Meets the Mobile Phone in Pakistan

In the United States, high-end smartphones like the iPhone and BlackBerry don’t have built-in radios. But in Pakistan, even the cheapest cell phones, which don’t have cameras or other features, come with the ability to listen to FM radio.

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Style guide for Púlsar news agency

Founded in 1995, the Agencia Informativa Púlsar was the world’s first internet-based radio news agency. Now run by AMARC (World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), the agency provides text and audio news to hundreds of radio stations in Spanish and Portuguese. Púlsar has just published a style guide “El Continente es el Contenido: Manual de estilo de la Agencia Informativa Púlsar” (The Continent is the Content: Agencia Informativa Púlsar style guide”.  The guide is available in PDF from Púlsar’s website.

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