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Cover illustration by permission - Michel Granger

A Passion for Radio
Radio Waves and Community

Edited by Bruce Girard



The electronic edition of A Passion for Radio is in PDF format. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view or print it. You can download it free here.

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  1. Table of Contents  
  2. Contributors
  3. Preface: A Network of International Exchange – Michel Delorme
  4. Preface to the Electronic Edition – Bruce Girard
  1. Introduction – Bruce Girard


  1. Radioproeflokaal Marconi (The Netherlands) – François Laureys
  2. To Tell the People – Wawatay Radio Network (Canada) – Lavinia Mohr
  3. Lessons from a Little-Known Experience – Radio Candip (Zaire) – Eugénie Aw
  4. How KPFA found a New Home (USA) – Bill Thomas
  5. Inventing and Experimenting (Canada) – Radio Centre-Ville


  1. The Stubborn Izote Flower (El Salvador) – José Ignacio López Vigil
  2. How to Make an Echo… of Moscow (Russia) – Serguei Korzoun
  3. A New Dawn for Freedom of Speech (Haiti) – Joseph Georges
  4. Zoom Black Magic Liberation Radio (USA) – Ron Sakolsky
  5. The Feminist Radio Collective of Peru (Peru) – Tachi Arriola


  1. The Hard Lesson of Autonomy – Kayes Rural Radio (Mali) – Pascal Berqué
  2. Mahaweli Community Radio (Sri Lanka) – MJR David
  3. Pluralist Responses for Africa (Africa) – Eugénie Aw
  4. New Voices (Mexico) – Eduardo Valenzuela


  1. Radio Asé Pléré An Nou Lité (Martinique) – Richard Chateau-Dégat
  2. Radio Gazelle – Multi-cultural radio in Marseille (France) – Radio Gazelle
  3. Offbeat, In-Step – Vancouver Co-operative Radio (Canada) – Dorothy Kidd


  1. The New Wave (Argentina) – Arturo Bregagliolo & Sergio Tagle
  2. Radio Stalin to Radio One (Czechoslovakia) – Stanislav Perkner & Barbara Kent
  3. Radyo Womanwatch (The Philippines) – Anna Leah Sarabia
  4. Making Waves with CASET (South Africa) – Edric Gorfinkel


  1. Radio Chaguarurco: Now you're not alone (Ecuador) Bruce Girard 

The electronic edition of A Passion for Radio is in PDF format. You will need the Acrobat Reader to view or print it. You can download it free here.

The book is also available on CD Rom. Send email to [email protected] for details. The Spanish edition, RadioApasionad@s is also available online. 

A Passion for Radio: Radio Waves and Community
Electronic Edition © 2001 Bruce Girard
ISBN 90-5638-0834
185 pages
Read the terms and conditions for copying and distributing

The stories in this book are both moving and inspiring / Media Development

Some will find the stories disturbing, but all will learn of the power of the medium / Monitoring Times

This impressive book is an exciting window into the increasingly diffuse world of participatory media / Media Information Australia

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