The Potential for Community Radio in Afghanistan
Report of a fact-finding mission - October 5 to 22, 2002

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Bruce Girard
[email protected] 

Jo van der Spek
[email protected] 

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 

I. Introduction 

Structure of the report 

II. What is community radio? 

III. Background 

Actors and Interests 
Human capacity 
Telecommunication and Transportation Infrastructure 

IV. Media in Afghanistan 

The developing media landscape 

- Receivers 
- Radio Afghanistan / Radio Kabul 
- Provincial Radio Afghanistan stations 
- Radio Free Afghanistan and Voice of America 
- BBC 
- Radio Sada-I-Solh 
- Bamiyan 
- Coalition Forces 
- Radio Voice of Afghan Women 
- Faculty of Journalism, Kabul University 
- Others
News agencies 

V. Community radio in Afghanistan: Some questions and tentative answers 

How will community radio fit in the public radio system? 
Who is interested in community radio? 
What type of local radio for Afghanistan? 
Is there a grassroots demand for community radio? 
What kind of programming would it have? 
Will the legal and policy framework allow it? 
How can community radio be independent and responsive? 
What broadcast technology? 
The Internet

VI. Recommendations 


VII. Appendices 

1. Persons interviewed during the fact-finding mission 
2. Details of active organizations interviewed 
3. Radio stations in Afghanistan

The report was authored by Bruce Girard and Jo van der Spek. It is available for download from the Internet at 

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